The story of my work with the Chinese company" client"



I was told by a friend that a Chinese company on IWORKU is looking for one resident in Cairo, Egypt to help them visit a target client


They had been sending emails to the client but suddenly didn´t get reply.  So they need a local to help them with the communication and, if possible, interview the manager or secretary of the company to show their products face to face and leave a good  impression.


Firstly I called the secretary of the Egyptian company called Ms: Ghada saying that I was calling in name of the Chinese company, I was their representative in Egypt in an unofficial capacity as they does not have an agent in Egypt or a branch there.


They told me that the emails were arrived, but the director of the company was not available cos he was  travailing out of the country. So they couldn´t tell me their decision of the offer. And would call me back for the interview after getting the permission of the boss.


I called her more than 2 times a week in order to get  the update, finally made an appointment with Ms Ghada, it was the first week of November the third hour at noon, according to the timing of Cairo, Egypt


I explained to her all the product details on several points clearly showing the  catalog that the Chinese company sent me. I introduced all type of electrical generators diesel, gasoline and diesel prices, capabilities and forms and colors. And explained the advantages of the products, the benefits and privileges they will get if they would collaborate with them. 


Ms Ghada was really impressed by that the Chinese company could have a local representative in Cairo.  She confirmed personally that they would let them know their final decision as soon as possible and would let me know if there would be any updates.  I also gave her a printed memorandum of the Chinese company in which Ms. Ghada wrote her feelings about this interview.  I've written a detailed report to the boss of the Chinese company  attached with several images and attachments.


The beginning of the month of November of this year was the signing and entry into force of the agreement between Egypt and China, a deal in which the Chinese official currency Yuan replace the dollar as the currency for trading in Egypt market. it will make the import processes much more easier and the goods prices much more cheaper. All exchanges of customs will become much easier.


I think it is a brilliant idea to hire a local guy help with the communication with a client. He can definitely offer a big convenience  because you don´t need to fly over to another country  personally. A local with business skills can help you a lot using his language and cultural advantage. 




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