不知道你有没有读过一本书,叫做 《你要么出众,要么出局》,里面有一句话,叫做“要么大汗淋漓的出众,要么小心翼翼的出局”

I don't know whether you have read a book called " To be outstanding or out". There's one word in it " Work hard to be outstanding, or fu*king get out"

乍一看,貌似又是一场虚无缥缈的“鸡汤之旅”, 但是,不妨静下来,认真思考一下,人生,究竟是不是真就如此这般?

When you catch a glimpse of it, you may think it as another " Chicken Soup for the soul". But, why not calm down and think it over, is life really like this?


we've been used to complain about others and forget self-reflection. We've been used to get things for free and forget how to give.


We've been used to an easy life and forget the real colorful world outside.


因为在很多人眼里,外贸年限久代表一个人的能力,于是便固守自己的套路 ,不纳新,无进步。


Many people have limited abilities in foreign trade business though with experience over a decade.

Many people think the time period of working can represent the ability of a person. So they keep working in their own ways without any changes and improvements.

Because they believe the current situation has been the best of them.

Mike曾经遇到过这么一个人,十几年老外贸,整日在某群里吹嘘自己的工作和人生,精通SEO , SNS , 营销广告等等,面试了很多老板,索要高额底薪,并要求老板每个月给他几万烧广告,他告诉老板们,他们的公司将因为他发生翻天覆地的改变。 但是结果可想而知,谁又会轻易相信一个陌生人呢?

I'd met a guy with experience of foreign trade over a decade, who was keeping telling the mystery of his life and work in a group.

He said he was good at SEO, SNS, and content marketing, etc. He had many interviews in different companies and met many bosses.

He asked high salary and ten thousands of budget (RMB) for advertisement. He told the bosses that their companies were gonna get a great breakthrough because of him.

But the results are obvious, his interview and negotiation failed time after time. Who will trust a stranger easily?

于是这个“老外贸” 便悻悻的说,“这些个老板太土鳖,没有眼光,舍不得投资,目光短浅,没有大发展”

So this man said angrily, " These short-sighted guys are f****ing idiots. They won't have too much growth in business.


Of course, he talked much similar with that, telling the good of himself, and bad of those bosses who interviewed and rejected him.

Mike很少在那群里说话,有时候有群友问问题,他还是和往日一样吹嘘着自己非凡的能力和网站,面试的情况等等,日复一日,大概持续了两个多礼拜吧。 而每当Mike忍不住回答一下群友的问题时,这个“老外贸” 便不屑的略带讽刺的说 “哎呀,大神来了,都别说话了”

Seldom will I join their talks. Only when some members ask questions in work, will I show up and explain the question.

He kept telling his remarkable skills and wonderful website,and his interviews day after day. This phenomenon lasted about a whole month.

And whenever I showed up and answer the questions in work from other members, this guy would say ironically " Stop talking, guys, the master is coming"

于是,Mike最终难以忍受 (Mike也不是神,不想在帮助别人的时候还被人怼)毅然决然的退出了那个群。

So I finally left that group. After all, I am not the God. I don't like to be treated in that way when helping others.

有人可能认为Mike是单纯的生气。 不,Mike是不想与之为伍, 因为近朱者赤,近墨者黑。

Someone may think the reason is he got me angry.

But I need to tell you one thing " Keep good men company and you shall be of the number. "

Mike曾经看过这个“老外贸” 所谓的两万多元,请国外朋友设计的网站,没有alexa排名, 没有seo, 没有sns, 没有流量 (零星的几个来自中国,可能就是他自己),跳出率 100%。 注意,重点是, 这是三年站龄的站点。

I once checked his website with so-called cost over 20 thousand and designed by foreign friends. No Alexa No. No SEO and SNS records, No traffic ( little traffic from himself, 100% from China), and its Bounce Rate is 100%. The point is, this website has been over 3 years old.


So this is the remarkable website which attracted those bosses who wanna cooperate with him.


We can lead a wonderful life, but at least, it needs to be real. If someday you cheated others, you will finally get yourself believe this lie and drop into it.

一个十几年的“老外贸”, 连自己的网站都管理不好,却索要高报酬,要去给别人做推广,还要每月烧掉几万块,不觉得脸红么?

So a man, with experience over a decade, cannot even have a good maintenance of his own website, wanna maintain others' websites with a high salary, and wanna arrange business ads with cost over ten thousand RMB, are you serious?

Or just a f****ing joke?


So if you finally fail to the work, you get paid for months, and you can leave easily.

What about the bosses?


As a real person, we need to live in the real life.



Someone may say that our boss is a fu*king freak.

He always keeps us working even after work. And, he never gives us extra payment.

I advise you to talk with your boss. And if the negotiation fails, you can go find another job.

有人说,公司没有任何资源,连阿里巴巴都没有 ,也不参加展会,这怎么可能有单子? Mike建议你学学 SNS, 学学谷歌自主开发。

Some may say that no sources are provided by our company, we don't even have Alibaba platform. How could we get orders? I advise you to learn SNS and " Active Development” as I mentioned in last articles.

有人说,公司产品太low, 销售起来很吃力


Someone may say that the products are not good, hard for us to sell them out.

I advise you to make a Market Research and find the right markets for your products.


Mike建议你比对一下市场价格,看看是不是真的高,其实,就算你卖一毛钱,客户还是会说 “ too expensive"

Someone may say that the price of this product in our company is too high, we can't sell them out.

I advise you to compare your price with the market price to see whether it is really high. You can never get the lowest price and the customers will always tell you that " Your price is tooooo high"

有人说,LinkedIn 操作这么久了还是没有你说的效果

MIke建议你再看看Mike关于LinkedIn的分享文章,坚持操作,持之以恒, SNS和SEO一样,是需要时间的

Someone may say that we have seen no results though we worked on LinkedIn for quite a long time.

I advise you to check my past articles talking about LinkedIn and keep working on it with persistence. As SNS is similar with SEO, which will take a period of time before you see any results.



Someone may ask whether I will be asked to pay for this function?

I advise you to move your fingers and try it before you ask any questions.



Someone may say that content marketing is so exhausting, and I have nothing to write.

I advise you to give it up at the very beginning. Coz you are not really doing this, or you will make it.

我们习惯了看到别人分享东西就跑来问,这个怎么用? 这个要钱么? 这个真管用?


We've been used to see others' sharing and ask how to use it?

Will I need to pay for it? Will this really work?

The food is right in front of you. But you are still waiting for the person who will put them into your mouth.

工具再好,操作的人不用心, 与垃圾无异。

No matter how great the tools are, if the users are not with full heart and soul, then the tools have no difference with rubbish.

我们都有时间看“纯味鸡汤”, 却不愿花费几分钟研究一下对自己有帮助的东西。

We all have time to read " Chicken Soup for the Soul". However, none of us are willing to take a few minutes to learn the things helpful to us.


We all have time to give a f****ing sh*t on others' sharing, but never learn to give something meaningful to others.


If you don't work hard, I tell you, no one cares about that. Coz you are only yourself.


If you are afraid of getting yourself tired, better give it up at the very beginning.


I have mentioned it before, "The Gap Comes Bit by Bit"


" Work hard to be outstanding, or fu*king get out " It's your choice!

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